01 March 2007

Fun with second graders.

Yesterday I helped out in the QP's class. I do this every Wednesday. I help during their "Writing Center". It's very entertaining and interesting. If you've never read stories written by second graders, you should!

This week, they're learning when to use: 's and s'. The teacher was going over the "rules" for using those two things. She gave some sentences as examples, and then asked the class to give some examples.

The QP raises her hand, and gives the teacher this sentence: "Angelia's Socks That Rock yarn is awesome." I started laughing. The teacher was a little confused. The class was also confused. So we had to explain what Socks That Rock yarn is. The QP also had to say that I got mine from my Secret Pal - which only added to the confusion!

That's my girl! 7 years old, and knows that Socks That Rock yarn is awesome!

MAKE it a great day!

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Anonymous said...

You're very lucky to get to help in class every week! It's fun to see what the kids write.
QP is very smart knowing all about yarn. It will serve her well.