14 April 2007

The field trip

Well, we had our "field trip" to The Mannings today. If you ever go, you too will say The Mannings. We were there for three hours! My Mom & I had been there before. The two women we went with had never been there.

I took my camera along, to document this wonderful event. Didn't take a single picture! I was too busy looking, touching and ooohing and ahhhing. There's Koigu and Regia silk, cotton and wool. There's Trekking - even the Trekking the Yarn Harlot showed on her blog recently. There's Lopi, Mission Falls and Brown Sheep and Wool in the Woods and Debbie Bliss and Claudia's Hand Painted and Gems Opal and Lily Chin and Manos del Uruguay...and so much more! There are 4 rooms filled with yarn and books and notions and spinning wheels and looms and patterns...and oh my! It's so amazing! And get this! When you get to the register, if you give them your contact information, they keep track of what you buy. So if you run out of a yarn, you can call them, they'll be able to tell what yarn, color & dye lot you bought!

So...sorry - no yarn shop pictures. But if you're ever in my area & want to go, let me know! For you, I would force myself to go there again. :-)

But here's what we (me & Mom) came home with (I didn't get pictures of what the other two women bought).

The Yarn:

*Lopi (in two colors)
* Regia Cotton
* Gems Merino Opal (this is going to be my Mom's 1st pair of socks)
* Manos Cotton Stria - Manos del Uruguay
* Bamboo Splash from Wisdom Yarns (this is for the QP, who has decided that she needs some bamboo yarn)
** and a program for the 2007 Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival - anyone else going?

The Patterns:

*Fiber trends - Felt Flock (felted knit sheep!)
* Fiber Trends - Bathroom Blossoms (washcloths & soap sacks)
* Fiber Trends - Felt Alpacas & Llamas
* Fiber Trends - Options Jacket
* A Dozen Dishcloths To Knit
* Not A Celebrity Scarf

Oh! And I finished one of the Ball Band Dishcloths from Mason Dixon Knitting. I finished it a week or so ago, but didn't take any pictures of it until today. I used Sugar & Cream cotton yarn. I'm really into cotton right now. Well, cotton, linen, bamboo & soy.

*I tried to finish this post last night. In fact, I had it all but finished - then my computer decided to act up & the browser shut down. So now it's Sunday & I'm finishing the post...again.

MAKE it a great day!


Lucia said...

Yummy loot, and yummy dishcloths! If I'm ever in your neck of the woods you can bet I'll call.

Maribel said...

Hey Lady...

I thought you forgot all about me. How have you been? I love the yarn... alittle jealous over here.

f. pea said...

Hmmm... maybe I need to plan a field trip to PA!

ann said...

I can't believe that I lived in PA for all of those years and never made it out to The Mannings! I need to plan a field trip!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so jealous :) I've been wanting to make a trip to The Mannings since the PA Farm show (where I found out abou them). I want to take their all day spinning class. I obviously need to go for a couple of days so I can oogle the yarn as well!