28 December 2005

Fun with the digital camera...

Thanks to Kimberly (The Giving Flower - some day, I'll start putting links in!) , I am now able to take close-up pictures of my knitting projects. So I played with the digital camera today.

In addition to the camera, I also got a knitter's bag for Christmas (Eagle "Good to Go" bag) . It has 6 pockets around the outside to hold skeins of yarn (which feed inside the bag, so you can work on your projects). Inside, it has ALOT of room, and also alot of pockets and pouches (for scissors, needles, stitch markers,etc.). It has a zipper top & a padded shoulder strap (so I can take it with me). This company also has smaller bags (that hold one or two skeins - for when you want to travel light).

I finished the felted bag I was working on. One last trip through the washer did it. It's nicely felted. I attached the handles. And then I decided that it needed something to close it. A button. I searched through some buttons my Mom has (I don't sew, so I don't have these things). I found the most awesome button for this bag! It is a leather covered (old) button from a coat my Dad used to have. The leather's a little worn looking - it looks so good on the bag. Then I discovered that this perfect button does not have a thing for me to attach it! The little metal thing on the underside of the button is missing...so I went button shopping (I'm going to start a button box or something - so that I have a "stash" of buttons to go through the next time I need one!). At the store, I discovered that you can buy bags of buttons. They're sorted somehow (bright colors, gold tone, neutral colors, novelty buttons). This is how I'm going to build up my button "stash". I found a nice wooden button. Take a look for yourself. (ok - I realize I should have rotated the picture before I uploaded it to the blog - just turn your head!). For the fastener part, I braided some yarn & sewed it to the inside of the bag to form the loop that goes around the button (you can't see the loop too well - but at least the picture is clearer this time!).

I love making these bags! I love bags! I have half a million store-bought bags. My daughter has alot of bags too (surprise! surprise!). So I love knitting and felting bags. Since I had some yarn left over from the bag I just finished...I cast on for another bag. This one is 2 stitches bigger (cast on) and will be taller. I started with the Nature Wool. When I ran out of that, I used the leftover Kureyon. I will continue to use both yarns throughout the bag (I'm thinking I'll use mostly the Nature Wool, with Kureyon stripes every now & again).

I already have "ideas" about the next bag (not this one - that I just started...but the one after that!). Not sure what I'm going to do with all these bags I want to make. They can always be gifts...or I can just keep them. After all, one can never have too many bags!

On to other things. I took another picture of the Irish Hiking Scarf I'm knitting for myself. I also took a picture of the Irish Hiking Scarf that is my Mom's Christmas present (I wrapped the partially knit scarf, since it wasn't finished in time for Christmas). Her scarf is knitted with Lion Brand Suede yarn (she saw this yarn in a store & liked the feel of it). This makes for a wider scarf & bigger cables than the yarn I'm using for my scarf. Ok - so you can't see the cables. I'll keep trying with the camera. Again - just turn your head to see the picture! You must admit, it is a much better picture than the other one!! :o)

Those are all of the updates I have for today. I haven't been getting alot of knitting done this week. My daughter is off school all week and requires things (breakfast, lunch, entertainment) during the day. But only 5 more days till she goes back to school!!! :o)

MAKE it a great day!


Kimberly said...

Much better pictures! Now we can see some detail. You do some gorgeous knitting. About that bag obsession. We all seem to have it, so don't fret. ;)

Astreia said...

Wow. Your felted bag looks great! And the piece with the cables is beautiful. I love cables- never tried to knit them-yet, but love the way they look.