01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! We all know that New York drops a ball in Times Square to celebrate the New Year...around here, all kinds of things dropped or rose at the stroke of midnight. I have to tell ya, it's very exciting in South Central PA New Year's eve (we are quite the party people!). Here's a listing:

Things that dropped...

1. A white rose - in York,PA. York is the white rose city.
2. A bologna - in Lebanon,PA. Lebanon is famous (ok - so they're only "famous" around here! It counts!!) for their Lebanon bologna.
3. A strawberry - in Harrisburg,PA. Not sure why Harrisburg uses a strawberry!

Things that were raised...

1. A red rose - in Lancaster,PA. Lancaster is (you guessed it!) the red rose city.
2. A kiss (as in Hershey's Kiss) - in Hershey,PA. The reason's obvious.

I think that's all. Our local TV station showed all of the dropping/raising things at once (all 5 from this area + the ball in NYC). I told you! We are some wild, party people here in South Central PA!! :o)

Speaking of wild, party people. Did anyone see ALL THE PEOPLE in Times Square last night??? Bet it was fun trying to get home!!

We were in NYC one year for 4th of July (actually, we were there twice for the 4th, but I'm talking about the one time!). We didn't see the fireworks, but were in Manhattan that night. Well, we decided to go back to the Bronx (not even thinking about what time it was!!) at the same time that everyone was leaving the fireworks...we had to stand up on the train (the subway) the WHOLE way to the Bronx!!! For those of you who don't know, usually there are seats available once we get to Harlem. Not that night! Now I know how sardines feel!!

I'll leave you with a picture of one of the felted (knitting) needle cases I'm making. This was a free pattern from Paton's, that I found in my local art & craft store. I'm using Paton's Classic Merino wool & size 8 needles. It's a VERY simple pattern. I'm actually making two of these. This one is for my Mom. The other one will be for me (it's a dark grey). The outside of the case will have felted flowers on it. This is a picture of the actual case. I think I need 3 feet of this (it's all stockinette stitch), so I guess I'm a little over 1/3 of the way done.

Well, I have to get ready to leave. We eat our New Year's dinner at the church of a friend of my Mom. They have a sit-down, family-style dinner each year. They accept donations for the meal. The money goes towards their missions trips. For those of you who don't know, Lancaster County's New Year's meal is: roast pork & saurkraut (there are usually mashed potatoes too). The meal at the church is: raw carrots & celery, applesauce, rolls & butter, pork & saurkraut, mashed potatoes and dessert (the church ladies make all kinds of yummy cakes and things for this!!). Pork & saurkraut are supposed to bring good luck. Being vegetarian, I eat the mashed potatoes and saurkraut (Mom's friend keeps some saurkraut out for me - they cook the rest with the pork).

Here's to a healthy, happy new year for you all! And remember...you can MAKE it a great day!!


Sarah said...

Mmmmmm...your description of your church dinner makes me remember my grandma's cooking...getting hungry...

Hope to meet you soon!

Tracy said...

I love that you PA people drop and raise so much for the new year! I wonder what Jersey would do if we weren't so close to "the city". Maybe a tommato or a blueberry?