20 June 2006

I'm still here.

I'm still here. My life has been incredibly boring lately. I haven't been knitting (for several weeks, now). I haven't even checked my e-mail and/or knitting blogs every day. In fact, days go by where I don't even turn my computer on.

I guess I'm waiting for my Grandma's memorial service (which will be July 15th - yes, a month & a half after she died). The QP's been having a rough time with my Grandmother's death. It's hard to explain death to a 7 year old. All she knows is that she misses her Nan. For any person, it's hard dealing with your own grief. It's even harder seeing your child sad/upset/crying. I think that having the memorial service such a long time after her death just prolongs everything. The service (to me) is some type of closure. Having this drag out for a month & a half means a month & a half with no closure.

Anyway. Thank you, everyone, for your warm wishes, condolences, etc. Your comments/thoughts/prayers mean alot to me. Normally I e-mail those who leave comments to my blog, but, well, I just haven't felt like e-mailing. Just like I haven't felt like knitting. Or blogging. Or doing much of anything.

But, I wanted to thank everyone - and to let you know I'm still around (even though I haven't been knitting or even taking pictures).


Nancy Joyce said...

Take your time. The summer is always slow for knitting blogs anyway.

ann said...

so sorry to hear about your Grandmother Angelia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's summer. Just have some lemonade and sit out in the shade and relax. We're all still here.
Sending you a hug in the meantime.

f. pea said...

Hey Angelia. I've been missing your posts, but I know how you feel. When you feel like knitting yourself silly, you know you'll be in good company (though the company is still here in the mean time, too!).

Maribel said...

Dont worry the knitting goddess will come back to you when you are ready. You have to take your time and soon you will find yourself back in your normal routine.

Lucia said...

Angelia, I am late as usual -- I am so sorry about your grandma. She sounds like one special lady who left you lots of treasured memories.