05 June 2006

Thanks SP8!

Saturday, I received a package from my wonderful SP8! It contained two balls of Filatura di Crosa Primo (100% new wool) yarn, a cute heart pictures frame, a bookmark, some sticky notes, some gum, and a wonderful note. Everything is blue (since that's my favorite color). She also included a Polly Pocket and a mini Madame Alexander doll for the QP. The QP loves both of the dolls - and didn't already have either one! And I love my presents! Thank you, SP!

I cast on (that same day!) for a Horseshoe Lace scarf - that's why you only see one yarn ball in the picture. I'm almost half-way done with the scarf. I don't have pictures of it yet.

MAKE it a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Angelia! I am so happy that the goodies arrived. I have been ... out of sorts lately ... drama drama drama in my life (but who doesn't have that, right?) and have just now come to your blog after a couple of weeks and see that you received the package. You know, I have one more ball of that wool yarn and if you need it to finish the project, please say so! Ok? I don't know what much I could do with one ball, and I debated just sending you all three (but I was a little selfish feeling and wanted to try it, too - bad me!) I have more of the wool in other colors for myself to play around with, so I can give up this last blue one, ok? I'll probably just drop it in your next package anyway, 'cause I bet you wouldn't tell me that you needed it if you did. :-P

I am so happy to hear that QP didn't already have the two dolls I sent to her. That's always the tricky part, especially when they're Fast Food toys. I love those Madame Alexander dolls and had extras so I just wanted to share, even if it might have seemed an odd gift. ;-)

I am so sorry to come to your blog and read that your grandmother died and also the way her son is behaving. But if it's any consolation, I think most families go through some strange period when their parent dies and they don't behave so well. Grief, stress, whatever one wants to call it. I watched it happen in my husband's life, his siblings just erupted at us about 3 months after their mother passed away. It's taken 3 years for many of us to relate again. Unfortunately, we saw each other again at hubby's brother's funeral! I hope you are alright during this sad time and just know this heartache will ease in time, though you'll never forget her, and everyone (hopefully) will get back to normal or close to it, whatever "normal" may be.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for you, QP, and your mom in the loss of your grandmother. {{{Hugs}}}