09 December 2006

Thanks SP9!

I got a package from my SP! The package arrived Wednesday. I can't tell you how happy that made me. I've had a shitty week & the package really helped.

First, there is this card. A yarn card. Who knew there were such things? The yarn is Schaefer Yarn. My SP says that she recently tried this yarn & likes it. I've never tried it.

This was my package. Some Regia sock yarn (I love it!). It's blue (my favorite color) and it looks like it'll have thin stripes of color (red, yellow, a different shade of blue). Very cool. I love the bold colors. There are three tins of hot cocoa. Yummy! Two Lindt Lindor truffles - they were gone within 20 minutes of opening the package. A beautiful glass ornament. A bag of dipping pretzles & a jar of raspberry honey dipping mustard (which is almost gone!). There was also a cool, quilted change purse (which may become my "notions" bag). My SP sent me stuff that'll take care of my knitting obsession & also my snack urges. What a great SP!
Thank you so much SP!!!
That's all I have for today. Not much going on. It's Saturday - and it's cold outside. Now I'm off to read my book (or, maybe get some Christmas knitting finished) while the QP watches tv.
MAKE it a great day!

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