08 December 2006

Easy come, easy go...

I'll be so glad when this year is over! Remember how I had a new job? Well, now I don't. I was told it wasn't working out. I'm not really sure what didn't work out. But, well, it was within the 90-day probationary period, so they can do that.

Now I get to start looking again. Yippee. Interviews and wearing pantyhose! What's not to like?!?

Can you tell I'm in a pissy mood? I won't "talk" too much tonight because, well, if you can't say anything nice, and all that. I'm just tired of bullshit. And I'm tired of people's bullshit.

So, onto the knitting...

Here ( to the left, to the left) are my KnitPicks Options needles. I love them! It's such a powerful feeling , having a full set of interchangable needles! I feel I can knit anything!! I do need to get more cables though. And a few more needle tips (there are certain sizes that I use alot, so I'd like to have more than one set of those sizes). To the right, you see KnitPicks yarn!
Yes. A whole mountain of yarn! Yarn for felted bowls, stockings, socks, Moebius items, PICC arm bands. Lots & lots of yarn!!

I also got the tools to needle felt. I didn't take any pictures of them. But I've been playing with them. I don't have any roving, so I've been using wool yarn. It's so much fun!

Here we have a felted bowl. The pattern is from KnitPicks. No, it's not one of their free patterns. But KnitPicks patterns are only $1.99.

It's knit using sock yarn. I have to work on the lid (I'm going to block it again). It's a little too small for the bowl (and not quite round). This yarn color is called Pansy. Don't the colors look like those you'd see on a pansy? See how the colors swirl? I think they look so cool. It was intersting knitting this, because you have to match up the colors and then have them off by a few stitches. I have two more hanks of yarn that will become bowls (each hank makes one bowl & lid).

Here is my 1st Moebius basket. This was a really quick knit. I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Bulky & Bulky Hand-Dyed yarns. I have enough left over to make another basket (with the colors reversed).
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the basket. I kind of doubt I'll keep it - I don't really have any use for it. Maybe it'll be a Christmas gift. I don't know.

Betcha had no idea that I joined the Knit Unto Others kal. I mean, how could you have known? I never blogged about it. I still don't have the button added to my blog. But yeah. I did join it. And I actually have been doing some knitting for others. Here are two things that I have pictures of.

The first, a red scarf...can you guess what that's for? Yep! The Red Scarf Project. I have more red yarn in my stash, so it's likely that there will be more red scarves.

The second item, a Prayer Shawl. This is one that I just started.
It's going to be a triangle shawl. The pattern is from the Prayer
Shawl book. I'm using Lion Brand Homespun. This yarn was sold as "mill ends". I love the colors in this yarn. The red/oranges remind me of a sunset or something.

I find the mill ends at my local AC Moore. They are sold with three skeins in a pack. The packs usually have at least two colors in - so you have to buy at least two packs (sometimes three), to get enough of the same color yarn for one shawl. This yarn came in a pack with one other color. I managed to find a pack with two skeins of this color and one of the other color, and then another pack with two skeins of the other color and one of this color. So I only had to get two packs of mill ends & I'll be able to knit two shawls. The beautiful thing about mill ends is that the bag (with three skeins) costs about $5. With a 40% off coupon, it ends up being $3 something. A little over $3 for yarn for a shawl is a great price!
Well, it's time to get the QP to bed. She's been watching a movie & I'm sure it's finished. Tonight was a big night for her. Her class participated in her school's Christmas program. It was all music. The kids were from kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade. It was nice. No Frosty the Snowman or Jingle Bells. Only Christmas carols (she goes to a private school). I have an intense dislike for "Christmas" music - the kind that's been playing, non-stop, on at least three different local radio stations since before Thanksgiving...but that's another post! It's still time for me to get the QP to bed!
MAKE it a great day!


Sarah said...

Sorry your new job didn't work out!

Lucia said...

About the job: crud. I hate job-hunting. I hope you find an even better job soon.

About the knitting: it all looks great!

About your SP: every time I see a haul like yours I think about joining one of these things.