06 January 2007

Springtime in PA

Hello. Happy New Year. And welcome to Springtime in South Central Pennsylvania! Temperatures today were in the high 60's with some areas getting up to 70 degrees (F).
I took a walk around the yard today, and look what I saw:
Buds on the red maple tree.
Flowers poking up through the dirt.
Buds on the pussy willow tree.
Buds on the walking stick tree.
Buds on the other pussy willow tree - in fact, I think this one even has a little pussy willow (if that's what those little fuzzy things are called).
We went to the park, so the QP could play on the playground. My Mom & I had our knitting along, of course. The park was crowded.

Here's the QP. She doesn't look too happy here because the friend she was playing with (who happened to be a girl she knows from summer day camp) had to leave.

Yes, it was a beautiful April spring day! But wait! It's only January! That means that my Mom's birthday and the Farm Show are coming up. One (or both) of these events usually bring us snow (it's a fact!).

So, break out the inhailers, the antihistimines, the antibiotics, and the decongestants and buy facial tissue by the truckload because this never-ending allergy season still isn't ending!

MAKE it a great day!


Anonymous said...

The weather here has been the same. I'm still taking my allergy meds. It's crazy! The weather report this morning actually said we may have the freakishly warm weather for the rest of the winter.
Happy New Year!

Lucia said...

The weather is freaky, no question about it. Since we don't have allergies, I find it hard to resist. Sorry about yours.