30 January 2007

My discovery

As you may have guessed, I'm not the most up to date person on gadgets and technical things. In my defense, it was the way I was raised.

My Dad is one of these people who never buys electronic stuff when it first comes out. His reasoning? Because in a short period of time, it'll be obsolete.

We didn't have cable tv until the mid-late 80's. We didn't get a VCR until around the same time period (and the only reason we got one, was because my Mom went out and bought one). My Dad didn't get a computer until the late 90's. So, you see, it's how I was raised.

So, for Christmas, my Mom gave me an iPod (she won it at her work Christmas party). I love love LOVE it! I can load all of my favorite songs onto it and listen to them. I like songs from several different decades and genres. With my iPod, I can play all of them - randomly! It's so awesome.

Well. I was reading Dave's blog. He asked his readers to tell him which podcasts they listen to. Then, a few days later, he mentioned the women at Lime & Violet. That gave me an idea. I could load my audiobooks onto my iPod and listen to books while I"m knitting.

I spent about 5 hours on Sunday, listening to The Magician's Nephew (from the Chronicles of Narnia) while I knit!

This got me thinking that I should check out this podcast thing & see what all the fuss was about.

Why didn't anyone ever tell me about these things????

I mean, sure, I've read about podcasts - like when Grumperina talked about the It's A Purl, Man podcast - but why didn't anyone ever tell me how much I would like them???

I love them! I spent something like 6 hours yesterday, loading podcasts into my iTunes. I now listen to podcasts while I knit (did you know that it makes your knitting go quicker?).

So far I have about 300 songs and almost 60 podcasts on my iPod (some of the podcasts are video podcasts). I figured that my iPod memory (or whatever it is) would be at least half used up (I have the 30GB iPod). I've only used a little over 2GB!

I know some of you are probably shaking your heads. You have to understand (and with that last paragraph, you probably do understand) that I have no concept of giga bytes. I also have no concept of square feet (as it pertains to a living space). So if you tell me that you just bought an 8,000 sqare foot house, I have no idea if that's alot of space or not. Same with computer terminology. I had no idea that 30GB is so much!

I know I've been promising knitting pictures. I have taken some - I just need to load them onto my computer. I haven't had time to do that because I've been downloading podcasts! :-) Actually, since I now have these podcasts, by the time I get pictures on my computer, you may have 50 finished objects to look at - or alot, anyway!

MAKE it a great day!


Lucia said...

I could explain to you what a gigabyte is -- in fact I will: each character, letter, symbol or space, in this comment takes up one byte, and a gigabyte is a billion bytes, or, in technical terms, a helluva lot of data.

OTOH I don't have an iPod and haven't done the podcast thing. You're way ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

I made this discovery also. Isn't it awesome!

f. pea said...

oh my goodness an iPod! that seems very high-tech and post-modern to me. i am sticking to the good old CD's i came of age with...

Anonymous said...

I love my ipod too. I listed to music, podcasts, and especially audiobooks while knitting. If you haven't discovered it already, I highly recommend www.audible.com. You can download books right into itunes, and go to town! It's much more cost effective to get a membership for 1 or 2 books a month then to buy them individually. Also check out librivox.org for free downloads of lots of books in the public domain. Enjoy!