09 January 2007

Wait, what's this?

Why, it's 2 items that are finished! Can you believe it? I know. I'm having a hard time believing it, too.
This first item is a French Market Bag (or Basket, can't remember it's exact name). The pattern is from Knitty (sorry - don't have the link). The yarn I used is a wool/alpaca blend. The outside that you see is actually the inside, but I liked the nubby texture better than the smooth texture of the actual "outside" of the bag. So I turned it inside out and now the inside is the outside (did ya catch all of that?).
I now use this bag as my "knitting bag". Anytime I go somewhere, I grab this bag. It holds alot of stuff. Here's what I have in it:
*Knitter's Companion (book)
*various knitting patterns
*sock that I'm knitting
*baby bib that I'm knitting
*yarn & needles for a hat I want to knit the QP
*2 "notions" bags
* Magic Loop instruction book
*a pack of Puffs to Go (it's still allergy season here!)
And there's still plenty of room!

This baby bib pattern is from the Mason Dixon book. I love it! It's so simple. I've already cast on (& almost finished) another bib. It's knit using cotton yarn (I used Sugar & Cream). You can easily make one bib out of one ball of Sugar & Cream yarn. **I still have to add a button, but other than that, it's finished!
That's all for today. More finished items are on the way! MAKE it a great day!

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