19 February 2007

My SP9 Rocks!

On Saturday (I think), a package arrived for me in the mail. It was my final package from my Secret Pal!

The picture above, shows most of what the package contained. There was a cute dish towel (if you look closely, you'll see the sheep on it), some hot cocoa packets, a small package of some flavored coffee, a cute little tape measure (which I needed), some stitch markers (I LOVE stitch markers!), some house socks (they are soooo soft), some Opal sock yarn, a needle case for dpn's (I needed one of these, too!) and some novelty yarn (this may end up being a hat for the QP - she loves this yarn!).

My secret pal also sent some goodies for the QP. I didn't get a picture of them, because the QP took all of her goodies. She sent a Valentine's Pez dispenser (the QP loves Pez!), a coloring/sticker book, and some Hello Kitty candy. Thank you, from the QP. She was so excited to get stuff, and she had to open everything right away (I think the candy is gone by now).

All of those things were great.

But what REALLY thrilled me was this:


I have lusted after STR yarn for about a year. I have never bought and/or used any. I wasn't able to join the STR club last year or this year & have been sad because I really wanted to . But now I have my very own STR yarn!!!

This is my very first STR yarn! I'm sooo excited! I keep fondeling it. I haven't wound it into a ball yet because I like to look at it as it is in this picture. I keep it on the nightstand by my bed. It is soo soft, and smooth and beautiful! I have an idea of what sock pattern I want to use this on, but I won't tell you just yet.

Thank you SP!!

It's been an incredibly long week (lots of snow & ice here - and school was closed early last Tuesday & then cancelled Wed-Fri). Then the kids had off today for the holiday - it was a very long week! and this package arrived at the perfect time!

I'll have knitting updates for you tomorrow (I have the pictures taken, uploaded into my computer and everything).

MAKE it a great day!

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