04 April 2006

It's a sock!

Remember the sock I started? Well, here it is - finished! And yes, that part of my desk is always that messy.

I knit this using the Magic Loop method.
The pattern: "Winter Socks" from the Magic Loop booklet.
The yarn: Regia Crazy Color - 6 fadig (whatever a fadig is).
The needle: US2 (2.5 mm) 40" Inox circular. I used up most of the skein for this one sock.

There will not be a mate to this sock. Here's why:
1. When I started the leg, I was knitting kind of loose. The stitches got tighter & more uniform as I knit the sock. So when you lay the leg out flat, it's wider in one section than in the rest.
2. I prefer a shorter leg. I like socks that end around my ankle.

I've been wearing this sock, though. Yes, just this one sock. I wear one of my regular socks on the other foot. Don't laugh! With my sneakers & jeans, no-one can tell.

I decided to have this sock as my "practice" sock (I guess it can hang out with that "practice" mitten I made!) and knit two more (with shorter legs). I've already cast on for the first. I may soon be casting on for a sock from "Sensational Knitted Socks", too. And then there's always the Jaywalker...so many socks to knit!!

Enough for now. Today's my Dad's birthday, so we're taking him out to eat. Plus, there's a Science Fair at the QP's school tonight.

MAKE it a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love the color! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Great sock-aren't they fun? 6fadig is German and means 6 strand or thread. Happy birthday to your dad.

Jay said...

OMG, SERIOUS sock envy happening over in this part of Australia. I am not surprised you don't mind people thinking you are a total pillock for wearing one odd sock with it is a sock of such innate loveliness!
(Happy birthday to your dad! Give him a sock...)

ann said...

it looks great - if you only knit one sock, what will you make with the leftover yarn. or am I wrong in assuming that one skein makes two socks?

chele said...

Hi Angelia!
I hope you're having a great week!
Your next "package" is coming out to you this week.. sorry for the delay.. (as you can imagine, it's been diaper-city on this end! :-) Hope you like it..

Your non-secret, secret pal Michele!