19 April 2006

Spring has sprung!

A while back, there was the Backyard Greetings along. Click here to see mine, if you don't remember it. At that time, my backyard was pretty boring. Well, Spring has sprung and the gardens are starting to get interesting! Take a look at the pictures.

The tulips in the morning.

The garden, as it looks in the morning.

The tulips in the afternoon.

The garden, as it looks in the afternoon.

This garden is in the "way back" yard. On the right side of the picture is a huge wisteria (it's not blooming yet - just wait!).

Behind these bushes is the parking lot of the church that's next door. The forsythia (yellow bush) is actually on the church's property.

These cute little shoots are ferns. I took this picture to record how much (and how quickly!) they will grow. This whole area is ferns - they grow around a tree - and they get huge!

I hope you enjoyed your little picture tour of my backyard. I'm sure I'll have more pictures as Spring & Summer go by.

As some of you know, Wednesday nights I have Nutty Knitters "meetings". A group of us get together & knit (or crochet) Prayer Shawls. Well, tonight I started a Nutty Knitters blog. On it, I plan to show shawls we've completed, tell about the group, have some Nutty Knitter pictures (if the group members agree), and let people know how they can contribute. Click here to visit the blog - be sure to check back often - I'll be updating it as I get new information.

MAKE it a great day!


ann said...

what a gorgeous garden you have!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous view of your backyard, I love these photos, especially the tulips! Isn't spring the most beautiful season?

Carole Knits said...

Your garden is looking great - I love that you showed morning and afternoon shots for their differences. My tulips aren't in bloom yet but my daffodils are starting to go by.

Gracie & Co said...

Angelia thanks for visiting our new blog. Scott

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing your garden. Have a great weekend!

Maribel said...

I love the walking to work in the morning and seeing all the trees that have started to budd overnight. Thats the best part of spring.