23 April 2006


I saw this link on Norma's blog. Watch the video & listen to the song. Very interesting. I've often wondered why more of the "mainstream" artists (now) don't have politically conscience songs. I know that Prince's last album (Musicology) had some politically conscience songs, but I haven't heard many other artists singing about what's going on in the world right now.

Sorry - sometimes I think I should have been in my 20's in the mid-late 60's. Of course, since I feel that (in the US), we're going back to the 50's (with laws and things), then does that mean that I'll have my chance to do the whole 60's thing in 10 years or so?

Yes well. This is supposed to be a knitting blog. I haven't been doing alot of knitting lately. I need to get to work on the items I'm donating to the auction at the QP's school. I looked at a calendar today - I only have about 2 more weeks to get the stuff finished!

It rained here most of the weekend. We needed rain - in Pennsylvania, if it doesn't rain every week, we have a drought- I grew up in Southern California, so this type of drought thinking still seems odd to me! I mean, in SoCal, you can go for months or years without rain. Different worlds.

This afternoon, the rain finally stopped, so I went outside and took some more garden/flower pictures. I don't have them uploaded yet, though. Maybe I'll get that done tomorrow.

MAKE it a great day!

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Nancy Joyce said...

I have this album and the song really touched me when I first heard it. You relly have to wonder what the man sees when he looks at America and the world today because it sure as hell can't be what I see.