05 May 2006

Maryland Sheep & Wool tomorrow!

Yes, tomorrow is the Sheep & Wool Festival. This will be my 1st...I'm soooo excited. Even more so, because I almost wasn't going to be able to go. Yes, I know. It's only once a year. An unbelievable event. But, you see, money's tight right now. And I'd hate to be there and have no money!! But some things happened - and now I'm going! Yay! A few of the Nutty Knitters are going. My Mom & I are going (by the way, if you check out the Nutty Knitters blog, my Mom knit the "Charcoal" triangular shawl). It's going to be our Mother's Day present to ourselves! Yippee!! Cara's having a blogger meet up tomorrow afternoon. Life is good.

Speaking of good...guess what I got in the mail today??? Yep! Yarn. 5 skeins of Knit Picks "Color Your Own" sock yarn. That's about 2,200 yards of dye-able yarn! Woo-hoo! But I won't be dyeing tomorrow. No sir. I'll be in Maryland - looking at fiber, yarn, and I can only imagine the rest of the goodness I will see. I'm putting my camera into my bag now, so that I don't forget to take it along. I'm putting the extra batteries into my bag too (I won't need them now - but I guarantee, if I forgot them, I would need them!).

Yesterday I went to one of my local yarn shops and bought some dye. Only three colors for now. Red, blue, yellow. Ahh, the power of having those three colors! I can create any color with them! I can create any color - that's the power - but I do plan on buying other colors. :-)

Oh yes. And I told you last night about some finished objects. Well, I still haven't taken pictures of them (saving the camera batteries for Maryland). Possibly Sunday? Or, maybe I'll be so excited from the Sheep & Wool Festival that I'll totally forget about them til next week. I mean, Cara's gonna be there...and Norma...and Wendy...and other people that I just don't know about yet!

I'm off to get my bag ready for tomorrow. Enjoy the day. For those of you going to the Sheep & Wool Fest tomorrow, I'll see you there!

MAKE it a great day!


ann said...

have a great time this weekend Angelia -- you are going to love it!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... may I say that I'm just a tiny bit envious? Considering the fact that the MD S&W is, like, 5000 miles from here, then I'm getting a tad depressed... :)
But no, I'm happy that you're happy, and I do wish you a fantastic time there, I hope you're going to enjoy yourself to the fullest and that you meet a lot of great bloggers and fiber enthusiasts there!
And when you're back, I'm curious to see how you're gonna dye that beautiful yarn you got!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! (I know you will...)

Anonymous said...

Great meeting you! Hope you had a great time!