04 May 2006

The matches have been made!

The matches have been made - for the Dye-O-Rama Swap!! Woo-hoo! I received the info for the person I will be dyeing yarn for. I e-mailed her. She e-mailed me back. She sounds fun. She's new to dyeing, too, and is very excited about the swap.

Yesterday I ordered the yarn. I'll be using Knit Picks Color Your Own yarn (fingering weight). I also bought some dye (from AC Moore). Went to Nutty Knitters last night. Realized the dye was the wrong kind. Had to return it today. So then I went to one of the local yarn shops. I bought the right kind of dye from them. I also got some tips from the woman who was helping me. I only bought three colors (that's all the cash I had on me). I need to go back and get some more colors - I have this beautiful color combination in mind for my swapee! I plan on doing some test yarn first. That way I can get the hang of dyeing, before I do the "official" yarn for my swapee.

I also heard from my Swap Buddy (the person who will be dyeing yarn for me!). S/he sounds great. Asked me questions as to my color and fiber preferences. I'm so excited! My very own custom dyed sock yarn! How awesome is that?? What sock pattern do you think I should use? Or should I wait to see the yarn first, to see what pattern it "calls" for??

As if all that isn't exciting enough, I'll soon have my Secret Pal 8 match! Tune in (probably tomorrow) for my SP8 Questionnaire.

Oh! I also have some FO's to share with you! Can you believe it?? I was actually knitting! I still have to take the pictures. I'll probably post them this weekend.

That's all for tonight - I have an early morning meeting tomorrow. Have to get some beauty sleep! :-)

MAKE it a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Aren't such swaps great? I love how excited and happy you sound - and of course I'm looking forward to see all the dyeing you're going to do and the swaps you'll be receiving - quite the curious one over here, no? Do have fun with these swaps, and enjoy them to the fullest!