08 October 2006

Sunday ramblings

First, let me thank my Secret Pal from the SP8 swap - Karla Cardell. She sent me my last package and it was so awesome! I did take pictures, I just don't have them uploaded yet. I don't have the link to her blog written down, either. I'll give you all that info in another post. Thank you Karla!!! And the QP thanks you, too, for everything you sent her!!!

I've been knitting. I'm knitting my first sock using the two circular method. To me, it's very similar to the Magic Loop, except that you're using 2 circs instead of one. I also bought some sock yarn to use with the Magic Loop method - so you may be seeing quite a few socks from me soon. I'm still working on 2 Prayer Shawls, and a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, a baby blanket, and the Shell Counterpanes I mentioned in a previous post.

Thank you to everyone for the good thoughts & wishes in regards to the Amish school shooting. The county is still reeling from the event.

I'm told that it was even front page news on the BBC. Wow. I think most of the reporters are gone now. The funerals are now over. There were some tense moments when there was talk of a church group protesting at the funerals of the Amish girls. The group was offered an hour slot on a Christian radio or TV show, so they took that instead of protesting at the funerals. This same group has been protesting at military funerals. I'm not linking to them. I think it's incredibly tacky and disrespectful to protest at a funeral - no matter what your belief - so I am not going to give them any extra publicity.

A woman tried to get into one of the Amish funerals (they were closed to the public), dressed in what she thought was "Amish" clothing. The first reports were that it was a reporter. We later found out that it was a tourist. When I first heard of the incident, I wondered where the woman got "Amish" clothing. You see, even though the Amish dress very plainly, it is hard to copy their clothing. There are so many details that most people don't know about (like the lack of buttons, or the color of the garments). Anyway. It was tacky of this woman to try to get into the funeral.

There are quite a few charity events under way in this county for those involved in the tragedy. There was an auction. There will be a chicken bar-b-que (I spoke, at some length, about chicken bar-b-que's in the county in a previous post). Originally, the people in charge of the bbq planned on selling 500 chicken dinners. They have sold over 3,000!! Incredible! Several of the hospitals and doctors (and people/groups involved in the medical aspects of this tragedy) have written off the medical bills for the Amish girls. There will still be bills, but at least some of it's being taken care of. Local banks, churches, convenience stores & other places are accepting monetary donations. As I mentioned before, there are funds for the Amish families and for the family of the shooter.

Amish people attended the funeral of the shooter - to show their support for his wife & kids.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all looked out for, and took care of one another?

Well, that's all for tonight. I'll get back to you with pictures, links and my SP9 questionnaire.

MAKE it a great day!


Anonymous said...

Another great post. You are so right about everyone taking care of everyone-it would be a wonderful world. Unfortunately, there is always someone to ruin things. Thanks for the update-the story isn't being shown here anymore.

Lucia said...

It is very hard to imagine. As the song says, what a wonderful world this would be.

Meanwhile, we keep knitting.

Karla said...

Hi Angelia! Can you believe it's taken me THIS long to get back to your blog? Since I mailed your SP8 package two months ago! It's just been crazy here. But I've been meaning to come back and see how you are!

I was so saddened to hear about the Amish school shooting when it happened. For some reason that I am not sure of, I have a heart for the Amish. Perhaps it is their endeavor to live as simply as possibly and the blessing they truly do get from that.

Your statement about the Amish attending the funeral of the shooter...well, that about sums up why I have such respect for them. In the midst of such trauma and tragedy, they can still support the family of the one who took their children from them, whether it was their own children or the Amish community's children. Wow. Now isn't that LOVE! Not many people remember the families of those who have done harm to our communities. We sortof lump them with the offender, when in all actuality they are probably just as shocked by their loved one's actions and certainly probably feel a tremendous sense of guilt, even though they did not do the crime. How they suffer, too! What would the world be like if we could all exert that kind of forgiveness that the Amish did in supporting the family of the shooter at his funeral...

Thank you for posting about it all.