21 October 2006

Thanks SP8!

Here are the long overdue pictures of my final SP8 gifts. Everything was wrapped (it's so much fun to unwrap things!).

There was yarn. Some Bernat Soft Boucle (because blue is my favorite color), some Trekking XXL sock yarn (which I've never tried!), and some Knit Picks sock yarn (because I love KnitPicks!).

Some stitch markers in a cute little blue fabric bag (the picture I took that showed the bag didn't show the markers too well). I love unique stitch markers! They are so much fun to use!!

Lots of other goodies - a cute pumpkin container, a notepad, a calendar & some notecards. The postcard (the card with the rose on it) is what my SP used to write me a note, revealing her identity.

The QP even got some stuff! She just loves getting presents. She doesn't quite understand the whole Secret Pal thing, though. She keeps trying to guess who sent her stuff (out of the people she knows). I tell her it's nobody that she personally knows & then she just looks at me, confused.
Thanks Karla!!!!
And now Secret Pal 9 is in full swing. I've received my match (the person I'm to spoil), so I'll be reading her blog over the next week or so, to learn about her. And I've been contacted by my Pal (my spoiler). I'm so excited!
That's all for now, as typing is somewhat of a challenge with no middle finger. :-)
MAKE it a great day!


Karla said...

I'm just now seeing this post, but I just had to say that I'm glad that you liked everything. And yes, it is fun to unwrap things! That's why I wrapped them for you! :)

Have fun in SP9!

Anonymous said...

SP 9
Never fear, your time is near, sometime soon you will be visited by your sp
she is a bit behind, but you have defintely been on her mind...
Hope you had a great Halloween...bet the QP enjoyed it..

grannie knits

starrypurplehaze said...

hey...your hostess here. just a reminder to contact your pal, she's worried about you.