05 March 2006

Backyard Greetings

It's Sunday. Time for Countrygirl's Backyard Greetings meme. Participants are to take a picture of their backyard so that everyone in blogland can take a "trip" to each others' backyards.

I have to tell you, this is not the time of year that my backyard looks its best. It is much prettier in the spring/summer! Plus, the light is not very good in the winter (the position of the sun & the tall evergreens pretty much block out the light in the backyard in the winter). So keep those things in mind as you look at the pictures. I'll have to take some more pictures once spring is here, so that you can see how beautiful everything looks.

I like my backyard. It's quiet (except for the birds & the wind whistling in the tall trees). It feels like you're miles away from other people, traffic, etc. But it's not. I love to sit outside and read (or knit) while the Queen Princess plays on her swingset or in her sandbox.

The backyard has several flower gardens, several vegetable gardens, a swingset and sandbox, a small shed, several birdbaths and birdhouses and lots of grassy area. The wildlife include squirrels, chipmunks, birds, bunnies, ground hogs and an occasional deer or oppossum.

The first picture ( left) is of the yard as seen from the breezeway. I took this yesterday afternoon. All of the other pictures were taken this afternoon. The wind thing (that red, blue and yellow thing) is in one of the flower gardens. This garden is amazing. Things start to grow. Then one day (all of a sudden) every growing thing in this garden is huge! You can no longer find the path that winds throught he garden. In this picture, you can also see the swingset - and that red thing by the tree is the sandbox. Back behind the swingset is where the vegetable gardens are. Last year they were mainly a restaurant for the wildlife.

The next picture ( right) is of the yard as seen from the back (looking towards the house). The two trees that are closest are in one of the flower gardens.

The third picture ( left) is of a wisteria. This is so beautiful when it blooms! There's a church next door and we've had several people come over to have their picture taken under the blooming wisteria (wedding pictures, etc).

The last picture is of the pussywillow tree and the amazing blue sky today. The pussywillow are not quite open - but it won't be long. The sun's out, the sky is this incredible blue & it's cold & windy. You gotta love March!

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed your tour! Enjoy the weekend and MAKE it a great day!


f. pea said...

What a great space! I do hope you post lots of flowery spring & summer pictures!

ann said...

what a nice yard!! it makes me want to get out there and rake mine ..... well, almost.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I've so enjoyed your views. Especially the one of the buds against the blue sky. Thank you for joining the fieldtrip. As you can see a week later I'm still enjoying all the views.