28 August 2006

And the winners are...

Did you know that yesterday was Sunday, August 27th, and the end of my contest? I didn't. Until last night, when I realized what the date was (I lose track of dates - and time). That meant that I had to pick the winners of my yarn - naming contest. It was hard. I liked ALL of the names! And, before I go any farther, I want to thank everyone who entered the contest. I appreciate your help (I suck at coming up with names for things!).

Like I said, it was hard to pick the winning names. So I came up with a very sophisticated winner choosing system. As people left comments, I wrote down the yarn names (one list for each yarn). Then, tonight, I wrote all those names on little pieces of paper (a different color paper for each yarn). I put each group into the glass cube (shown above), shook it, and pulled out a yarn name. **it wasn't til I'd pulled out the three names that I put all the names into the cube - just in case one of the winners doesn't claim their winnings**

See! I told you it was a sophisticated system!

So, here we go! The first yarn (previously called Yarn #1), is this yarn:

It's new name is:

Nancy submitted that name. Congratulations, Nancy!

The next yarn (which used to be called Yarn #2), is this one:

It's new name is:

This name was submitted by Trek. Congratulations Trek!

And the last yarn (yes, it used to be called Yarn #3):

It's new name is:

libraryminion submitted that name. Congratulations libraryminion!

** To all the winners, please e-mail me your name & address, so that I can send your prizes to you. Nancy, I know I have your address, but please re-send it, so that I don't have to try to remember where I put your it. My e-mail: hlthyskincanbyrs(at)verizon(dot) net - you all know to replace the (at) and the (dot) with the appropriate symbols.

What did they win, you ask?? Well, this is a knitting blog. So they won .... YARN! I'll be sending them some local yarn. It's from Lancaster County Yarns & Wools. It is hand-dyed 100% merino superwash. I'll be sending each person approx. 400 yds of it. That 400 yds is enough to make a shawl - and I'll be sending the shawl pattern, too (not that anyone HAS to make a shawl with the yarn, but in case you do WANT to make the shawl). And, I'll probably add some other little goodies to the package.

Anyone wanting to purchase Blue Lagoon, Periwinkle Ocean, or Mosaic Mayhem, e-mail me at the address listed above. All three yarns are:

100% merino wool, approx. 400 yds., 7-8 sts/1" on #1-3 needles (2.5mm-3.25mm). I'm selling each skein for $9.00.

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted names. MAKE it a great day!


Jay said...

Wonderful names, and they do justice to the wonderful yarn!

sheep#100 said...

Yay me, thanks!

Lucia said...

Those are great names, even if not mine. Still, Fate has served your yarns well.

(I love when I go to post a comment and the box where the letters are supposed to be just has a little red x in it. Blogger for psychics.)

ann said...

great names!!