17 August 2006

Some long overdue updates

A while back, Nancy had a contest. The prize was three skeins of Lopi yarn, and the book, Knit One, Felt Too. Well, I won that contest. I made this bag from my winnings.

I liked making the bag so much (and I had more than half of the yarn left over), that I made a second bag. It's finished, too, but somehow I deleted the pictures of it. It looks just like the first bag (but with different stripe sequences). :-)

I love these bags! They are so cute. They were very quick to knit. The pattern calls for several solid colored yarns, and then you add some beads across the top - and one of these days I want to make the bag just the way the pattern is written - it looks really cool. But since I had this Lopi, and the Lopi does this cool stripey/pooling thing, I figured that was interesting enough.

Both of these bags are going to be presents. Did you notice in the top picture, how well this yarn felts? It feels so solid. It's great! I did "trim" the hairs a little (on the bottom of the bag and around the edges).

This is how much yarn I have left over after knitting the two bags.

This is a baby blanket that I'm working on. A friend of mine had the yarn. She knows how to crochet but never got around to making the blanket. She asked me if I would like to knit a blanket. I've never knit a baby blanket, and that's one thing I wanted to try, so I agreed. The yarn is Lion Brand Baby Soft. I'm using the pattern from the label. I'm knitting with a strand of white yarn and a strand of yellow yarn. I like it. I like the pattern (how it looks), and it's easy for me to remember. The yarn's ok - I'd like to knit this blanket with some awesome yarn sometime. The label also has patterns for matching booties, hat and sweater. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to knit the other items.

**Special thanks to Ann for telling me about "lifelines". I did have to frog some of this blanket. But since I am using lifelines, I only had to frog a few rows.

This is a close up of the blanket. The colors look pretty washed out in this picture.

That's all I have for you today. I need to fill out some paperwork for the QP's school. She starts this coming Wednesday. Since she goes to a private school, parents are encouraged to volunteer at the various activites the school has throughout the year. Which means alot of paperwork at the beginning of the year. :-)

Remember to enter my Yarn Naming contest (see the previous post for the details) !!

MAKE it a great day!

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Nancy Joyce said...

The bags look great! I love the way Lopi felts too. It's so solid.

Great blanket too!