31 August 2006

Whatever Wednesday (on a Thursday)

Do you remember several months ago, when we had the Backyard view thing? Where everyone took a picture of their backyard? And it was still winter, so there weren't many people who had any plants blooming? No? You don't remember that??? Well, click here to see my entry. Anyway. This is an aerial view of one of the gardens in my backyard (I hung out the bathroom window to take the picture).

This year, this garden is the finch garden. The yellow finches love the cone flowers and the black-eyed susans. If you were to walk by the black-eyed susans, dozens of finches would fly out.

What initially made me want to take a picture of this garden is that there were three finches (males) sitting on the black-eyed susans. They flew away as soon as I put the screen up (to hang out & take pictures). I think there is at least one finch in this picture, but you can't really see him.

In the lower left, you can see part of the QP's pool. It's a round, above-ground pool (about 10 feet across). It's 18 inches deep. You can also see the shed, the bird feeder & two of the birdbaths. We have three in the yard, but one is in the way-back yard - by the vegetable gardens (that often feed the groundhogs).

This garden gets really wild in the summertime. There actually is a little walkway through it - it's just overgrown right now! Click here to see how it looks in the spring.

I was going through pictures that I took & I realized that I never showed you my sock pair. Way back when (last year, or the beginning of this year, sometime), I knit a sock. Well, the first sock I knit was my practice sock (meaning that the tension was off & it looked wider in some places than it did in others). The second sock was cool. I finally finished the third sock (which made a pair of socks). These are those socks.

See how the stripes match??? When I bought this yarn, the lady at the yarn shop said she was never able to get this yarn to match on the second sock. I was determined to have the socks match. I can't wait to be able to wear them!! Yay Fall!!

In other news, the QP started 2nd grade last week. This is her first full week of school. She loves it. There are two second grade teachers, and she got the teacher she wanted. Alot of her friends from 1st grade are in her class. Life is good for the QP.

That's all I have for today. MAKE it a great day!!


Nancy Joyce said...

ooh Angelia, come work on my garden, please...;)

Anonymous said...

Your yard is so inviting. Everything is so lush. At this point my yard is crab grass and weeds.
I'm glad to hear that QP is loving school. It's great when they get the teacher they want. School starts here 9/7.

Lucia said...

Great garden, great socks.

Anonymous said...

That's such a pretty garden. I lvoe finsches and chickadees. (They are a local thing, maybe?) Very pretty flowers.
And I like those socks. Good job!

f. pea said...

I do remember the winter garden thing! I'm so glad that you remembered and posted a picture of your wild summer garden. Great work on the striping, by the way. That is quite a feat. (tee hee.. I said "feat." And I was talking about socks... oh, the wit).

Anonymous said...

Great socks!!

Ragan said...

Lovely socks!!!