13 August 2006

Thanks SP8!

Thursday (I think) I got this wonderful package from my Secret Pal. I couldn't believe all the stuff she had in that box! There are 6 skeins of yarn, some Forbidden rice (I've never tried it, but rice is a good thing, in my book!), mulling spices (yum!), lime Tic Tacs (they're gone - the QP and I finished them the same day they were opened!), a Clover yarn cutter (I've been wanting to try one of these), a magnet, some cinnamon Listerine strips, and a scarf and a hat that my SP made! WOW!

As if that isn't enough, look what the QP got:

She loves this purse! And inside were several crafty kits and a key chain that hold s a photo.

Thanks SP!!!

In other news, I'm going to be selling the following 3 skeins of yarn. Anybody want to help with the naming of the yarn?? How about a contest?? A yarn naming contest.

Leave me a comment with names for the yarn (one name, for each yarn). I'll pick the three names I like the best and those people will get a prize. I don't know what the prize will be yet (I'll let you know). I'll give you 2 weeks from today. The contest will end at midnight (my time) Sunday, August 27th.




*if you have any questions about the yarn (like colors in the yarn), e-mail me at hlthyskincanbyrs(at)verizon(dot)net

Oh yeah. You may have noticed that I didn't blog for over a month? Well, there's been all kinds of drama in my family & life. Added to that, it was hellishly hot here (I mean, at 9PM, it was still 90 degrees most nights). In PA, we don't just have heat, we have heat with humidity (so if it's 90 degrees, it feels like 110). With humidity, you can sit (not moving) in shade and still sweat! We do not have central air in the house. We don't even have window units. Just fans...to blow the hot air around. I just couldn't bring myself to sit in front of the computer (I'm convinced the computer throws out heat). That's my reason. Those of you who were caught in that heat wave understand what I'm talking about. Those of you who live someplace where you have nice weather, I don't wanna hear about it! :-)

MAKE it a great day!


Anonymous said...

You made out great with all those goodies! (And, mulling spice, too??)
Your yarns are gorgeous, especially #3. It's beautious. (I have trouble with naming, so I'll just give you oodles of praise instead!)

Nancy Joyce said...

how about Blue Lagoon for the first two? The blues and greens remind me of water and vegetation.

Welcome back!

sheep#100 said...

How about

1: Caribbean Vacation
2: Periwinkle Ocean
3: Box of Crayons

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pretty yarn, I esp. love #3....

How about
1. Misty
2. Stormy
3. Twilight
(my inspiration - the horse stores by Marguerite Henry- Misty of Chincoteague, etc.)

Maribel said...

Hi lady.. Missed you!

How about these color names:
1. Tahiti
2. Fern Fantasy

LOL.. hope you like them

ikkinlala said...

Those are beautiful. My suggestions:

1. Riverbank Afternoon
2. Ocean Breeze
3. Send in the Clowns

libraryminion said...

The sight of your yarns makes my finger twitch to knit. How about some alliteration -
1. Turquoise Twist
2. Azure Allure
3. Mosaic Mayhem

I can relate to the heat. Where I am the weather service saidit would 'feel' like 102 today.
Pant, pant, pant.

Lucia said...

Yarn 1: Curacao
Yarn 2: Bar Harbor
Yarn 3: Fuchsia Garden

(How could I resist?)

Wen said...

1) Mariner
2) Synergy
3) Verve (which by definition means special artistic composition)

Love love love it all!

Anonymous said...

Hey! SnB Lancopa here. How about:

1. Ocean Mist
2. Mediterranean Sky
3. Summer Sherbert


Anonymous said...

Gosh, after all those names, I don't think anything from me would be good, so like Dave, I'll just say how pretty they are!

Jay said...

Ooh, so pretty!
1. Seahorse dreaming
2. Turtle water
3. Mulberry secret