28 March 2006

More FO's...

Yes, I have more finished objects to report. But first, let me go back...waaaayy back...back in time... :-)

Remember the chicken bbq/country auction fundraiser for the Queen Princess' school? I'm donating several (knitted) items for the auction. I have a felted knit bag that I'm donating. The bag's been finished for some time, now. It's just waiting for me to finish the handles.

Saturday, I decided to make a lining for the bag. I'd purchased some fabric pieces at one of the local fabric stores and I had a design in mind for the lining.

I love bags. But I like them to be useful. So when I'm considering buying a bag, I look inside to see what featues it has. One of my favorite purses is this (in Nantucket Navy). I also have this tote bag (in Sherbet). I love both of these bags because there are pockets around the inside. I can put my wallet, cell phone, keys, pens/paper, lipgloss,etc. in these pockets and then the center is free (for a book, or for knitting). I can carry alot of stuff in one small bag. I especially love to use these bags when I'm flying somewhere.

That made me think about the lining for this bag. And about what I would want in a bag. So I started sewing (remember, this is my 2nd time using a sewing machine - I'm happy to report that I didn't stab any fingers or thumbs this time!). I made a lining with lots of pockets. 4 sides of pockets. Two big pockets, several that are sized for a pen (or knitting needles!) and several medium sized. The pictures show these pockets. Not too bad for my first lining. I learned alot about sewing while working on this lining. Now comes the fun part - sewing it into the bag. Wish me luck!

So that bag is almost a finished object.

What I did finish is a shawl. This is one of the patterns we use for the prayer shawls, but I didn't make it for the PS ministry. This one is a gift for a friend of mine. It's made out of Knit Picks Crayon, which is 100% pima cotton. I used size 7 needles. It's a very light feeling shawl and is so soft.

Update on the Prayer Shawls. The second shawl I made (which was my first triangular shawl) was given to someone - to a woman who recently had thyroid surgery. We've given out 3 Prayer Shawls in the past two weeks. We currently have 2 more "in stock". I'm currently knitting two - one is a rectangular shawl & the other is triangular. I hope to have both finished by our next PS meeting (which is after Easter).

Remember this post? Our first Prayer Shawl recipient? Well, I was talking to her on Sunday. She told me that the Pittsburgh Pirates were dedicating one of their upcoming games to her son (he was a Pittsburgh fan-football & baseball) and that her grandson is going to throw the 1st pitch. How cool is that?

Sunday I started another garter stitch scarf. This is in the QP's school colors & will be donated to the upcoming auction. I plan on donating at least 2 scarf/hat sets. The scarf is almost finished. The second scarf will be yellow with black stripes. I'm using Lion Brand Wool Ease - 2 strands - and size 10 1/2 needles.

MAKE it a great day!


Anonymous said...

whoa! You are really doing a great job. Wonderful.

Maribel said...

Very cool..you seem to be having a very productive week.

f. pea said...

(cue Abba): You are the sewing queen! It's the greatest thing I've ever seen - sewing queeeeeeeeeen!