20 March 2006

"E" is for...

...EVERGREENS! There are these huge evergreen trees growing all around my house. They grow on both sides of the front yard. They form a line in the back yard. So we have the back yard and the way back yard (the vegetable gardens and compost pile are in the way back yard). These trees shade the house from sun in the summertime. They help to block wind and snow and rain. When the wind blows through them, you feel like you're in a mountain forest where there are no people. These trees are also home to birds and squirrels (and spiders) .

The first picture (top left) shows the trees along the side of the house - so you can get some kind of idea of the height of the trees. Are you proud of me? I actually remembered to rotate the picture before I uploaded it! There's a church next door to my house, so to the right of those trees is the church parking lot. The second picture (right) shows the trees in relation to the height of the church - that picture was taken from the QP's bus stop.

These trees are wonderful for blocking wind and for shade trees - but there is a downside to them.

There's always alot of yard clean-up (see bottom left picture)to do in the spring. Plenty of branches, twigs, needles and pinecones to rake up. I tried to upload a picture showing the twigs that end up on the ground, but Blogger isn't cooperating with me today. All of this yard "waste" gets added to the mulch pile, for later use on the gardens. It's our yard recycling program. :-)

That's it for today (and I know my "E" entry is late!). MAKE it a great day!

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