21 March 2006

Finished Objects

Can you believe it??? I have some finished objects!! Woo-hoo!!

The first finished object is a garter stitch scarf. I first learned about this type of scarf here (look at the post for December 13th). I had some yarn that I bought when I first got into knitting (which means that I randomly purchased this yarn without knowing about dye lots or how much yarn I would need for anything). When I cast on the number of stitches the Yarn Harlot recommended, the scarf didn't seem long enough. So I cast on more. 250 stitches in all. The finished scarf is something like 9feet, 10inches long. What I learned from this experiment? Don't second-guess the Harlot! :-)

My second finished object is the felted knitting needle case. Remember this? The miles and miles of never-increasing stockinette stitch? Well, apparently it did increase, because it was finally long enough to felt. It felted sooo nicely! The yarn is Paton's Classic Merino. I only had to wash it once - and it was felted solid. Love that!

I had the case all (hand) stitched, all I had to do was put the tie on and add the flowers when I made an awful discovery. The needles got stuck on the wool as they were going into the case. So I thought about that, and decided to add a lining - a fabric lining. I ripped out all of the stitching. Instead of hand-stitching the case (and lining), I decided to sew it with a sewing machine (my Mom has one). I've never - do you hear me? NEVER - used a sewing machine before. But, how hard can it be to use a sewing machine to make a straight line?? Right?

I did manage to get the case sewn. In the process, I injured my thumb. No - I did not sew my thumb! It got stabbed with my scissors as I was trying to cut off some of the millions of threads that are left when one uses a sewing machine to sew straight lines. Don't ask me how it happened. I don't really know. I think I had picked up the scissors to use them, and somehow the (very sharp!) point ended up in my thumb and blood started oozing out. No - this was not the first time I'd used those scissors. I've had them for years and have used them in cross stitch as well as knitting. I blame the sewing machine (I know that's not logical - but how do you explain it??). Now this wonderful, simple (or so I thought!) needle case has a blood spot (a very small one) to go along with the uneven stitching.

What's that, you say? Pictures? Oh, yeah, I have pictures - of everything...I just can't seem to upload them. And, since this post is dated March 21st and it's now March 22nd (because of the damn pictures not uploading), I decided to post it without any pictures. Perhaps someday you'll be able to see my 9-foot scarf and my exquisitely sewn (but you have to promise not to laugh at the stitching!) needle case...and my poor, hurting thumb. :-(

I leave you with one more thing:

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Stay tuned! For more information on the Wild Goose Chase, check out JenLa's blog.

MAKE it a great day!


Jacquie said...

I hope your pictures upload soon- they sound like great projects! Also- thanks for your prayers...and one more note- do you go the snb lancaster meetings? Are they meeting anymore? Alright, in the meantime- take care, and blessings as you Lent-along...

Anonymous said...

I want PICS! :-D