22 January 2006

Buy More Yarn...

Last night I was reading (knitting) blogs, when I came across Carole's. She has been ridiculed for her tiny yarn stash. She only bought yarn that she had plans for. She had no idea how to buy yarn without a project in mind (being a new knitter, I can relate to this!). If this is something that's hard for you to do, too, click here to go to Carole's blog. There are some wonderful stash-building tips in the comments section. So she decided to start the Increase-Your-Stash-Along. I joined right away. Click here for the rules...and the winner's prize.

I took pictures of my yarn "stash", so that you had an understanding of why I joined the Stash-Along. I pulled the yarn to the front of the cubes so that it wouldn't be too dark for pictures (so, those cubes aren't full of yarn, what you see is all that's there). I also have 5 skeins of Lion Brand Homepspun which are not pictured (I stocked up on the Homespun when it was on sale the day after Thanksgiving, since it's what I use for the Prayer Shawls). I'll keep you updated with "Increased Stash" pictures...the Stash-Along goes until April 1st.

Wednesday night was the Nutty Knitters "meeting". I was very close to finishing my 1st Prayer Shawl...but I didn't get much knitting done that night (I was talking too much...and showing my button "stash"...and looking at other's knitting projects). So Thursday night I finished the shawl (at my daughter's Brownie Troop meeting). Here are pictures of the finished shawl (Sorry about the one! I forgot about rotating the picture before I blog it!) - modeled by my daughter (the Queen Princess ). I asked her if she wanted to be my model. She said, "Sure...what's a model?" While she was in a modeling mood, I had her model a shawl that my Mom finished (it's the blue shawl). This shawl has Fun Fur at the edges, instead of fringes. The Fur used for this shawl was one of the Fun Fur Stripes yarns. By this time, the Queen Princess was getting bored with the photo shoot (plus, something very important was on TV - probably a commercial).

I cast on for the next Prayer Shawl. This time, I'm making it with the Fun Fur on the ends (I don't like putting fringes on, and tying each fringe!). The Homespun color is "Tudor" and the Fur is "Ivory". The Queen Princess says that it looks like a rainbow. I don't think the pictures quite do the colors justice, but you get an idea.

In other news...You'll notice by the button on the sidebar that I am a Knitting Olympics spectator. To find out more about the Knitting Olympics, click here. To get a Knitting Olympic button for your blog, go here.

The Goddess, Kathy, has done it again...another fabulous creation. Check out Sarit's Hat. Kathy has posted the "ingredients" for this hat. She's making a second hat to test the pattern before she posts the actual "recipe"! I can't wait! I'll be making a trip to the yarn store this week to get the yarn & needles I need to make this hat.

MAKE it a great day!

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