18 January 2006

It Arrived!!!

I thought that the package from my Secret Pal would arrive yesterday. It didn't. You see, there was a holiday Monday which messed up the mail delivery. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we shouldn't have had the holiday...I'm just saying that holidays mess with mail delivery. And since I tend to be impatient about this kind of thing, it's doubley (is that how that word's spelled???) hard to have to wait an extra day!

But today...IT ARRIVED!!! And it was a BOX!!!! My Secret Pal sent me a box!!! You'd be proud of me. Instead of opening the box as soon as I got it into the house, I restrained myself. I went upstairs to get the digital camera so that I could share the experience with you all (very grown-up of me, huh?).

So I opened the box. And inside were two gift bags. Two. Can you guess why? No? Well, one bag was mine...and one was for my daughter! Can you believe it?!? Isn't that sweet?!? (I have to tell you, my daughter was getting ready to have a boo-boo face when she saw the box & saw that it was for me. Her face lit up when I told her one of the bags was for her!) The bag on the left is mine.

I let my daughter open her bag first (again, very grown-up!). She loved everything inside! She got 3 pencils with very cool erasers (my daughter explained to me that they are not lollipops but are erasers - they kinda look like lollipops - guess that's what she thought they were at first), lots of lip glosses - jelly bean scented, icing scented, strawberry kiwi & a sour fruit scent - the sour fruit fell out of the bag, so it's in the next picture), and a very sweet Pooh card. All of the lip glosses had to be put on right away(the living room had a sweet, fruity kind of smell). The pencils had to be sharpened. The bag with her goodies is right next to her bed tonight as she sleeps.

While the lip gloss putting on was going on, I opened my bag of goodies. I got a Guardian Angel metal bookmark (wrapped in angel wrapping paper!). Perfect - because I'm always reading a book or two. I also got a lip balm - mango - very nice! The ball lip gloss in the picture is the sour fruity one that I mentioned earlier. The next item is a scissors set. It is a JoAnn Scrap Essentials set. There are three pairs of scissors in a case that zips shut! So I can carry them in my knitting bag...or my scrapbook bag...or my card box (because I've been known to make cards, too) and not have to worry about them being loose! Sorry about the shadows on the pictures - the sun was being really weird today. SP also sent me a nice card. You can see it in the background of the closed scissor case picture. What's that? You see something else in the background of that picture? Oh! Right! The yarn!! Yes, she sent me yarn, too (I told you, she's the best SP! She wouldn't leave out YARN!!!). I got 3 skeins of Knit Picks 100% Peruvian Wool .The color is "Cloud". I had to restrain myself from casting on for a bag (again, with the grown-up behavior). SP said that she's heard this yarn felts really nicely...so, of course that make me want to cast on. But, you see, I'm determined to finish the Prayer Shawl I'm working on. So all three skeins are still intact. But I knitted that shawl like a fiend today, so it won't be long before there's a "Cloud" colored bag on my circs!

Secret Pal: Thank you!!! And my daughter thanks you, too!!

Well, that's it for my exciting day! I guess I'll put the yarn in my "yarn" cubby-thing to wait for the shawl to be finished...

MAKE it a great day!


Anonymous said...

lucky you! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad it reached you! And I'm thrilled you like everything. The next package will be sent to you directly from a new and unique LYS....stay tuned! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow, secret pal package so soon - you are being so spoiled, how lovely!